Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Inspirational Video and Songs!!

Wow, I love this music!! Anyone know who sings these songs? Its my new morning song to get me going.

Ok I am off to the gym to see my trainer. My brother and I have a bet, if we aren't 155lbs by December we both have to get our heads shaved, not sure I would love good with my head shaved, what do you think? Right now I weight, 172lbs.


Emily said...

I think it's possible! Good luck with it!

I love the songs as well. Unfortunately I don't know the names! =[

Cammy said...

Definitely possible...if you lose the wheat thins. :)

The first song is Lionel Ritchie, "All Night Long." The second song is Irene Cara, "Flashdance...What a Feeling." I may have to d/l that one for my workouts.

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Thanks Cammy for the info.

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

You can do it. You better do it or you'll be bald. And then I'll call you Baldy-locks like Goldilocks...never mind. It sounded funny in my head.