Monday, August 17, 2009

Eat, Sleep, Drink

Well I was down 1lb for the week at the Weight Loss Challenge on Sunday afternoon. Although its still good I was down a pound, I was disappointed. I eat pretty good all week and worked out pretty good. However, I will admit that I might have overeaten, even though the food was healthy. Also I drank a little alcohol after work almost everyday, and on Saturday, I drank a lot because of my friends birthday.
I worked Sunday 8p.m.-4a.m.. The whole day Sunday I was doing good, until I got out of work at 4a.m.. I went to the local bar, had three mixed drinks, cheese curds-soo good, at Big Dogs here in Las Vegas and then I came home and eat two 100 calorie packs with milk. I finially got to sleep and I slept all day until 6p.m..
I am very frustrated that I am still single. I am reading a book right now about what women are looking for kinda. Its giving me some ideas. I'm making a little effort with the online dating and with Craigs list, but here in Vegas, Craigs list for personals is more like a hooker sheet. My reason "WHY" for losing weight, getting tone, going to the gym a ton, running etc. is mostly because I am soo upset that I can't find what I had in 2002, a great relationship with a women. I've had plenty of flings, but really no serious girlfriends since 2002. I don't know where to look.
I hear people say your in Vegas, and I say exactly, good for hookups but not always good for relationships. Especially when you work nights, 8p.m.-4a.m.. I am hoping through my social networks of the weight loss challenge, and herbalife that I might be able to find the right one.


Emily said...

Ah! You shouldn't lose the weight to get women, the RIGHT woman will like you just the way you are!!..because either way, with or without the weight, you're still the same person! That's just my opinion though.

Plus, muscle weighs more than fat! =] You may be losing the fat but gaining the weight in muscle (which is good!!).

Good luck with EVERYTHING! You'll do great. I have faith in ya!!

Cammy said...

Not a horrible week, but a few splurges. A pound is very good. It shows how great your workouts were!

Have you tried I know 3 couples who got together through that site. They've all been together for several years and are very happy. I don't know if there's a fee, but it might be worth it, just to screen out the hookers.

Assuming you want to, of course. :)

Anonymous said...

congrats on the loss! if had alcohol, then at least you know your loss was fat, with very little if any water gain.

if you're like me, i feel ill be a much better candidate for dating when im more confident and accepting of myself.

i think the dating service with the screening set up is a great idea!

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