Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Workout after work

Well I got out of work at 4:30a.m. and I used the gym at work for the first time. I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes at a 7:30minute pace per mile. Its now 6:30a.m. and I just got home. Having my new favorite vanila shake with soy milk and a little bit of ice cream, hmmm soo good.
Summary for food for Tuesday:
4p.m.: chips and salsa
6p.m.: shake
9p.m.: 1/2 plate of vegetables, pork and mashed potatoes(anyone know how good or bad they are for you)
1a.m.: Turkey sandwich
6:30a.m.: shake

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday and a good morning so far!


fatty McButter Pants said...

Your shakes always sound so good.

Overnight shift is so hard . I worked them when I was a nurse.

Way to make it to the gym. How nice you have a gym at work.

TJ said...

I could never do a night shift! Id be all messed up! lol Good job on getting in the workout after work! wow!

Are you asking about mashed potatoes?? If you order them out they are not the best choice- better off getting a plain baked potato and topping it with salsa or just salt/pepper. :) If you made them at home- there are a bunch of ways to make them better for you. :)

LifeIsAll'boutExperiences! said...

Hey Emmett,

Sounds like a good dinner. The vegetables and mashed potates are good - depending on your serving. And pork LOIN is generally the healthiest kind of pork, baked.

My cousin's husband ate a ton of pork loin, baked or grilled - and he's lost a lot of weight. He used to be in the marines so he hard-core works out too.

antgirl said...

Nights are hard.

I work 'em Fri & Sat up at the observatory. Harder, is shifting back to day for the rest of the week.

Katie said...

There is no point in life where I could ever do a night shift. Even when I'm AT a casino, I start getting tired by midnight AT THE LATEST.

Sheryl said...

That 3rd shift is a killer, glad to see your getting your work out in. That makes all the difference in the world.

H.K. said...

Pork I heard was still good as long as it's lean. And mashed potatoes as long as it's within portion control. Congrats on a good workout!

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