Tuesday, June 9, 2009

After work and today

Well after work, when I got home at 4:14a.m., I fell again for my most common problem. It was my first day back to work from a 4 day weekend and I needed to relax. How do I do that I tend to watch tv for an hour or two and snack. The biggest problem is my portion control. It went out the window again after work. Had way too many chips and dip. I have begun to switch my dip from ranch to salsa which I think will help. I had a mix last night.
I finally fell asleep around 7a.m. and slept way too much. I woke up around 4p.m.. I had a lot of things I wanted to get done, including running. My legs were very sore though from running on Monday. No excuse though. Still wish I got some things done.
Food so far for the day:
4p.m. Chips and Salsa, only one plate though
7p.m. Vanilla shake with a little bit of ice cream
9p.m. Half a plate of vegetables, a quarter plate of pork and a quarter plate of mashed potatoes with gravy

I plan on running when I get out of work since I didn't do it earlier today.


Ang said...

I love baked chips (33 of them tostitoes) and 1/4 c of salsa with 2 tbs of f/f sourcream..HUGE treat to me.

You can do it Emmett..You have the power within you!

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Thank you Ang for the support!

Katie said...

The one great thing I was born with was a hatred for chips.

If I loved them I know I'd eat a million.