Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trying something New

I have kinda hit a rock in the road lately with my diet. I can't seem to make much program lately. Mostly just staying about the same weight give or take a couple lbs. Therefor I am looking into trying something new that I have heard and read great things about called the La Bamba Diet. I am going to give this a try next weekend. Its not the best to do when you have to work, because you may have to go to the bathroom a lot because of the detoxing.
If anyone is interesting in trying this also, you can find the products on either or
I will let you know soon how I do with this.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!



Katie said...

I kinda wish the La Bamba Diet came with a duplicate Lou Diamond Phillips.

That would make me happy. Plus, any activity we'd engage in would surely help me drop a few lbs.

Good luck to you! I know you'll find what works for you.

Oh, and thanks for stopping by the new place. Glad you followed!

tantra flower said...

I hope you get the results you are hoping for.

Peace to you.