Thursday, June 11, 2009

Can You “Snack” Your Way To Weight Loss Eating?

Can You “Snack” Your Way To Weight Loss Eating?

Normally you would think of snacks as a way to put on weight not a weight loss eating strategy. However, by shifting your eating habits to the right kinds of snacks, you can use this as an effective method to reduce unwanted pounds on your body.

Eating the wrong kinds of snacks are often major contributors to gaining excessive pounds. You cannot constantly snack on high fat potato chips, cookies, cake and other high calorie, high fat snacks and expect to lose weight. These snacks pile on the fat and calories and make it impossible to maintain your current weight.

However, there are plenty of other snacks that you can eat that will actually help you lose weight. In particular, snacks that are high in protein make excellent eating choices during the day between meals. The reason why is because these snacks offer a number of benefits that are far superior to the poor types of snacks.

Candies and sweets offer very little nutritional value to the body. While they may taste good, you pay a heavy price in high calorie intake, a slower metabolism and excessive weight gain. Your intake of these types of snacks should be significantly limited if you are looking to engage in good weight loss eating strategies.

Protein snacks make a much better choice when you need something to eat in the middle of the day. They offer a number of nutritional benefits to the body, without the price of the high calories that the sweets come with. If you feel the need to snack during the day, these are often excellent choices.

One of the biggest problems to eating sweets besides the high calorie rate is the fact that these types of snacks don’t do a good job at suppressing hunger. Often soon after you have eating a sweet, you are hungry again. If it’s not time for a meal, you often revert to even more sweets, thus perpetuating the cycle.

On the other hand, protein snacks do an excellent job at satisfying hunger. Therefore, once you have eaten them, you typically don’t have a need to eat more. This reduces your calorie intake, allows you to burn more calories faster and thus makes it easier to lose weight.

Some examples of good protein snacks are nuts, soups, low fat cheese, slice deli meat and eggs. One of the best and most popular form of protein snacks are protein bars. Protein bars don’t have to be prepared, don’t have to be refrigerated and you can carry them anywhere.

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TJ said...

Great post! I try to include protein in each meal as well so I feel more satisfied. I used soy products, beans, lean meats, and nuts to get it from.


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Thanks TJ!

chris mcpeake said...

Cool post

antgirl said...

Snacking throughout the day helps us out by keeping us from getting too hungry and keeps the metabolism burning at a higher rate. Also teaches us to spread out the calories instead of calorie loading ... something I had to learn. :) Great post! I love the sciency stuff.

H.K. said...

My husband actually lost a lot of weight just snacking thru out the day, but all on healthy snacks and main meal was dinner.