Monday, May 18, 2009

Weight In Sunday

Well Sunday we had our weight loss challenge. I weighed in at 174. Down 2lbs in 2 weeks. Ok but not as good as I should have done.
Went out to the M Resort for dinner. Had a 1/2 sandwich and 1 cup of soup. I was dying for more food, even though I wasn't hungry. Just soo used to eating more for dinner.
After that we went to Stoneys Country Bar, although on Sunday the radio station shows up and plays hip hop. Girls drink for free, no fair. My roommate Mike and I went. We mostly just drank and watched everyone else dance like crazy. I was driving and couldn't drink too much. I need to drink a lot to get the courage to go up to a random girl and try to dance. Never been my fortay. I need to find another way to date more. Still had fun though.
Its late, 3:30a.m.. I am dying to snack on food and watch tv. I just hope I don't snack too much.


Cammy said...

I dunno, two pounds is pretty darn good considering the family time and all!

TJ said...

High 5 on the loss!! :) Good job! :)

Carlos said...

kick ass loss this week!

antgirl said...

A pound a week is fantastic. It starts to really add up. Don't lessen your accomplishment. Cheer it on. :)