Thursday, May 7, 2009

Late night snacking

Well lately I have been struggling with snacking when I get home before I go to bed. Now I work 8p.m.-4a.m., so when I get home its about 5a.m.. I like to watch TV and snack on things, like wheat things. As many of you know I support Herbalife. Well I generally don't follow the program perfectly, I do follow it. Well I finally decided to try to have a shake instead of wheat things when I get home. It was very hard mentally to make this change, but physically after I had the shake I wasn't hungry at all. I think I am going to play with the different types of recipes I can make with the shake, so I don't get bored with the same shake everyday. I was amazed though that I had one shake and even though the desire was to stuff my face with wheat things, I didn't and I wasn't hungry. Sometimes I eat even when I am not hungry just to do something, so I am glad I didn't do that either.


Cammy said...

Good for YOU for finding a way to deal with snacking by making it a healthy snack!

fatty McButter Pants said...

Sounds like a great idea. Man, those hours are killer! I get hungry after work/before bed. I just try to go to bed early when I can.

Thanks for the idea