Wednesday, May 20, 2009

At work, 11:30p.m. PST

Well I am at work dealing Texas Hold Them Poker on the floor, not the poker room. I am dealing to this lady that is probably 45, from Cyrus originally, and smokin hot! It got me thinking why I work out so hard and what not and watch my weight. Partly because I don't want to be single forever and I am sure being in shape and taking care of myself will help with that. At the same time I think women are more into personality than anything else. I do it more for myself than anything else but the libido helps, lol.
So far at work had a big salad, two cups of tea. Doing good for the night.


Juliet said...

what is your job title?
ITs not all about looks its whats inside a person that matters .......or it does to me lol

Karen said...

I would say personality is definately the most important thing. That being said, I've really noticed weight/strength/resistance training has boosted my self-confidence, so that can in turn affect personality.

Exercise has so many benefits, keep up the good work!

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