Friday, May 15, 2009

Trial Run after work

Well next Saturday the 23rd I am running in a 10K race and my brother is coming to visit to run in it with me. My brother is a doctor and has beaten me at pretty much everything in life. I beat him last year for the first time in a long time in a race. It will be nice to have a friendly competition.
Anyways after work at 5a.m., yes I get out of work at 5a.m.. I decided to do a trial run on the race course. I ended up finishing it in 55 minutes. Last year I did the run in 46:51 seconds so I am off my mark for last year. I have a week to go, I plan on doing two more trial runs. I just got home so far I haven't eaten anything but I am hungry. I have my frozen shake in the freezer I think I might try.


Karen said...

Ooo a 10-k! I am looking for one of those to do later this summer. I'm doing a half-marathon in October. I did my first 5-k of the year a couple weeks ago and have another one coming up on the 24th.

55 mins is still under 10 min/miles, which is awesome, you should be proud of yourself!

I loved Citifield. I am more of a Yankees fan, and my husband is a Mets fan. As long as they aren't playing each other, I will root for the Mets too though. I went to the Yankee game the week before, and after being to both stadiums, I think I like Citifield a little better.

Lori said...

10K in a little over 45 minutes? That's a good pace!