Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Run at 5a.m.

Well I got out of work at 4a.m. and I did a trial run for the 10k I am doing this Saturday. http://www.lasvegasrunningteam.com/Results/2008/sunover.htm if you are interested in the race here in Las Vegas. Last year I did the race in 46:51. Last week I did a trial run and I ran it in 55 minutes. Well before I did the trial run my older brother who is a doctor and seems to beat me at almost everything in life, said he recently ran the 10K in Utica, NY in 46 minutes. He basically said he couldn't imagine me running the race in 46 minutes if I did it in 55 minutes last week. Well with that motivation in mind, I ran my but off this morning. I was trying to get 45 minutes. I didn't do that well, but I did improve my time from last weeks from to 48:37 minutes. Just about 2 minutes off of last years time and I am 10lbs heavier than last year at the moment. Throughout the run, I just constantly pushed hard and thought about how my brother believed that I couldn't do it. The motivation was huge, because it was very tough to push myself soo hard. It felt great after but I was breathing hard during it.
On a side note, I was listening to a CD from Success magazine on the way home and they mentioned that many people are overweight as a sympton for things that aren't going well in their life. That got me thinking and I think he's right. When things are going well, I often eat more and exercise less and get depressed. Its very hard for me to stay thin when I am feeling down about life.


Brit-Man said...

Just so you know, promoting your Herbalife stuff on other peoples comments pages without permission, is spamming and is illegal.

So I would strongly advise you to not do it again, and certainly please don't come on my blog and do it, or attempt to explain yourself.

Assuming you're not a shadey guy, I'm letting you know this for your own good, because maybe you might take heed, before somebody takes your actions badly, and reports you.

Though that person wouldn't be me, just so you know.

Laurie (GastricGirl.com) said...

Wow, shaving a few minutes off is great, and you can just look forward to shaving more off each time!
Congrats! I don't know how you can do any kind of running outside in the hot Las Vegas weather!

TJ said...

Wow- I cant run for more than a few minutes so the 55 sounds good- but I know having your older brother compete with you for time will make you do your best to beat his time. Keep up the good work! :)

antgirl said...

I admire the running thing. Keep at it. You'll do it.

Yeah, the same happens to me. Stress packs weight on me faster than swimming in lard.

Carlos said...

good progress on your time. good luck on the race