Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Well its 5a.m., I just got home from work. I am tired and hungry. I used to snack on Wheat Thins and milk when I got home from work. Tonight or this morning depending on who you are, I plan on having my rice Krispies treat with the protein mix I get from Herbalife. I plan is just to have one square and drink my Herbalife Aloe drink instead of milk. This might sound easy but for me this is very tough. I love to snack a lot and eat a lot while watching tv before I go to bed. On a side note, I am feeling a little down. I am going home to Utica, NY this weekend and it got me thinking about my ex. I have essentially been single since 2002, with a couple small/short relationships since then.


Laurie ( said...

I'm from upstate NY but living in TX now. Wow, you work some crazy hours! It's not unusual to think of an ex when you think about the past or take a stroll down memory lane. I'm sure you like who YOU are a lot more now, and that's what matters! :)

antgirl said...

I originate from the Buffalo area. :)

I like a snack with TV, too. So, I know how tough that is to deal with.

Keep working on yourself and going after your dreams, and you'll end up bumping into the right person eventually.

MaryFran said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling down. Wish there was something I could do for you!

I am so like you. I love snacking!!!

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Thanks for the support guys