Saturday, May 16, 2009

Emotions and Eating

Well I got out of work at I went to my friends place, Phet and we worked out together for 30 minutes. The irony of it is she is heavier than ever, she had a kid three months ago and I still want more than just friendship with her. I still find her attractive. Well in any case she still seems to just look at me as a friend. I haven't really ever had any very close girls that were just friends so its weird. I think she might want to be just friends because she found out I have a lot of chest hair and she doesn't seem to like it.
In any case to get to my point. I left her place and drove home. I was frustrated and discouraged even though I had a good time with her. I guess I am frustrated with being single still. In any case I got home and reverted back to my old ways. I didn't take my Herbalife tablets and I eat a ton of Wheat Thins and dipped it in sauce and cheese. I am feeling very fat and full now and down about doing it. I have worked soo hard to exercise a lot and eat healthy. The whole day I just had shakes, salad and whole wheat bread. The emotions took over and I eat food out of emotions.
I was listening to a CD from success magazine. They mentioned on the CD, that often times you eat because thats how you deal with life not going right. Eating is like money. If you overspend you get out of control. If you overeat the same happens. Often both of these choices are emotional choices.
On a positive note. Yesterday when I did get home from work. I had the frozen shake. It tasted great and filled me up very well. 200 calories and I was stuffed and satisfied.


TJ said...

Hang in the Emmett! It is hard to beat those emotions but it will happen!!
Nothin wrong with chest hair! Dont let that get you down! hehe :)


Katie said...

You're a sweet guy for looking past her physical imperfections and making them perfect for you.

You do deserve someone who realizes how great you are. :)

Keep on going. Try not to lose your mind while losing that weight. I know its hard, but I'm in your corner.