Thursday, May 14, 2009

Snacking Late at night

Well I got home from work at 5a.m. and tried to watch TV and wind down and only snack a little. Well that didn't work out so well. I first had a Herbalife pie, which was good and if I give it time will fill me and keep me satisfied. But I was craving more food and something more in my mouth. I started with 2 100 calorie snacks. Then I had a bowl of wheat thins with a dip of tomato sauce with parmesan cheese. The pie is about 250 calories, plus 2 calories for the snacks plus maybe 300 calories for the wheat thins and dip. Way too much before I go to bed.
So today I talked with my mentor in Herbalife. She suggested a few things.
1. Take 2 tablets of snack defense before I leave work
2. Take a 1/2 tablet of total control before I leave work
3. Make my favorite shake before I leave for work, freeze it in a bowl and when I get home from work eat it while I am watching tv. It will satisfy my desire for something to chew while watching tv.
4. If I do eat wheat thins, for dip put low fat Philly Cheese Cheese and mix it with our beverage mix packets and it creates a mix of good carbs and good protein for a dip.
I am going to try this tonight after work. I will let you know how it goes.


Juliet said...

hang in there you will over come your mental craving . I am still struggling on mine

Cammy said...

Night-time snacking is tough for me, too. I think most of it is mental, so I'm going to try to shift what I do at the end of the day. Rather than unwind by watching tv, maybe go for a walk or something?