Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Won't let it happen

After a long weekend away from work in San Francisco. I went back to work Tuesday night, 8p.m.-4a.m.. My pants felt tight for the first time in a while. I don't want to go back to my old pant size, I already gave them away. Don't want to spend money on new clothes right away either. I got away from my shakes on a regular basis and I have decided to go back to them. I know it works. I am trying to mix up the recipes I have though. Today I mixed in some H3O with my instant shake at work. I got the idea from another distributor. It tastes pretty good. A good change from the basic. Picture below.
Still no exercise for a while. I planned on running today but I got distracted with the credit card companies. And talking to my parents. Unfortunately my great aunt has pancreatic cancer. She's 95 but I would like to see her again before she passes on. She lives in the suburbs of LA and I live in Las Vegas. My parents want to come out and visit me and visit her at the same time. I decided to send her a card at least until I get a chance to visit her.

3a.m. at work- Cooked carrots, scrambled eggs with pepper on top, some kind of beef and cabbage, a few BBQ chips, water with lemon in it.
11p.m. at work I had an instant shake with Orangeade H3O added in.

Here is the shaker I use.

Plate number two at the Santa Fe Casino buffet on Sunday night with my roommate.

Plate number one at the Santa Fe casino Sunday night.

Tried to hold myself over before the buffet with a cup of applesauce.


antgirl said...

Sounds like you're pulling yourself together, Emmett. I'm glad. I hate to hear you sounding so glum and down.

Keep working at it and things will turn around.

Missie said...

Looks like you're eating healthy to me!

Have a good night.

Mother's Heart said...

Looks healthy to me ;)

Kat said...

It looks like you are getting back on track. Did you have a nice time in SF? Here's to ending October lighter than we are today!