Monday, September 21, 2009

Weight In

I like how IHOP has some nutrional labels on the back of their menu. I have Whole Wheat Pancakes, Scrambled Egg with some kind of low fat subsitute.
The top of the parking lot at Treasure Island casino after I lost a $1000 playing Pai Gow Tiles, how stupid am I sometimes.

Food at work. Broccoli, sausage I think, and some potatoes with water.

Herbalife protein bar.

Turkey Wrap at Timbers Bar and Grill with a Blue Moon beer with an orange in it. I didn't have all of the fries which is good.

Well, I slept in and missed my weight loss challenge on Sunday. However I still went over and weighed in. Even though, I had a terrible week with alcohol, didn't exercise at all until Sunday, I still didn't gain much, 177.6lbs last week, 178lbs this week. I have been very depressed and down on my luck of late. It is very hard being single, family is all in NY, doing my full time job at the casino M-F 8p.m.-4a.m. as a casino dealer. Working part time around it with my business with herbalife. My house I don't know what's going to happen with it, haven't paid it in months. Haven't paid the credit cards in months. My credit is down the tube. I have been dealing with it, but this last week just was very tough, everything got to me. I drank, I gambled, and I eat(not as bad as I have in the past when I feel like this). I have been trying the dating scene on Eharmony, Singlenet and Plenty of Fish. Nothing much happening yet. But it gives me hope. I find it soo hard to date with the hours I work. And maybe how the city is, who knows. I am shy at first, I never really feel comfortable going up to a girl at a bar.
Anyways, I plan on catching up on everyone's blog soon. I am going to San Francisco Thursday through Sunday this week. I will take some pics, while I am there.


Lisa eats too much pizza said...

So sorry you are feeling down. I know what you mean about the money situation! I KNOW you will find a lady soon because you are AWESOME and VERY cute! ;)

TJ said...

Hang in there Emmett!

SF- Where ya staying? If its your first time Id tell ya to walk along Fishermans Warf and just enjoy the sights over there along with pier 39. Its a fun city! ENJOY! :)

Gina said...

Wow, I had no idea you worked at a casino! Yeah, I can imagine that not making it easy to have a gf. Is this a job you are planning to keep forever? Is there something else you could do, which would not entail the same hours? These are obvious questions of course, but if you want a family once day I would start looking into other jobs, that entail the same expertise. Easier said than done? Probably. Just stay positive and keep smiling :)

Angie P said...

keep your chin up! I know it's easy to focus on the bad, but just focus on you and keep to your goals!

antgirl said...

You need a perspective adjustment, Emmet. :) Start counting what's good in your life and concentrate on that. Promise it will make you feel better.

Someone will come along. There must be plenty of them working the same crazy hours in LV. Keep your eyes open.

miss v said...

everyone has a down day or week. i haven't gotten on the treadmill in a week! every day i just remind myself that it is a new day to start over.

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