Thursday, October 1, 2009

Picture Food Blog, First Video

Lately, I have fallen off of the wagon, per se, a little bit. I had a friend at work even say to me today, are you gaining weight? But I am regaining my desire again. I am back to my program with Herbalife full force. It worked before extremely well.

Here is the basic idea of the program:

Weight Loss
3 times a day- take my tablets with my food
2 times a day- have a shake
1 time a day- have a regular meal

2 small snacks

As you can see from here, I followed it pretty good today. Had two shakes. Took my tablets. Had two meals instead of one(little slip). One small snack.

About 11p.m. at work. I good snack to hold me over. Herbalife Chicken Soup mix, 70 calories, 15 grams of protein. I take it with my tablets. Helps control my appetite, in between meals.

About 8p.m. at work. I only eat 3/4 of the sandwich. Vegetables with it. And of course my tablets with my food.
About 4p.m. in the afternoon at home. I took my herbalife shake with cantaloupe.

When I woke up around 1p.m., my herbalife shake.

My first video. Not really sure what I am doing. This is more of a test video. Let me know what you think.


Dieting*Dancer said...

Wow, doesn't get much easier than that to make a meal! Nice video. Does it taste good? It must =)

Lori said...

You need to make sure you get your head in the video LOL! I have a magic bullet, too - love that thing!

And nice comment from your friend?? Geez....

Tammy said...

Eff the person that asked if you're gaining weight, lol. Loved the video....just make sure we can see your head the next time! I totally need a Magic Bullet!!!! Hope the depression is lifting babe. :)

Missie said...

The #1 social rule is to never ask is someone has or is gaining weight! LOL

Loved the video!

TJ said...

I liked the idea of a video! but yeah I agree with Lori-make sure we can see your head! lol

antgirl said...

Love the video. Love the blender. If I had one like that, maybe I'd actually use it.

cmoursler said...

oh man dude don't go back up okay. lbs lost should stay that way, no matter how much they beg.
get on it doggone it.

Debby said...

OK, couldn't see your face....but I want a magic bullet now! I love the idea of drinking out of the container you mixed in...when you'r done, you could always put water in there and get every last drop. Oh ya, I'm going to the store today for sure!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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