Sunday, October 25, 2009

Team Challenge?

1. What are your opinions on giving money for charitable functions

2. What is a good way to ask for money for a charitable cause without being out of line?

I am running with Team Challenge and need to raise money for it. Any ideas?



cmoursler said...

I think having it tagged on your sidebar is an excellent way of getting the message out. I do girl scouts, so we are a bit less subtle with our cookie booths, but hey. We have the 'cute' advantage.
Have a good week.

Lori said...

Site tags are always great. You can also use other social media to get the word out like twitter and facebook. It's for a cause, so don't be afraid to ask if anyone wants to donate.

I would also remind people when you do a blog post. Put a link at the bottom of each post with a gentle reminder that they can click to donate.

antgirl said...

Those are great suggestions. Just keep getting the word out.

Las Vegas Weight Loss Challenge said...

Thank you guys!!

Tammy said...

Hey babe! I like the idea of having something on your sidebar, as well as saying something on Twitter and Facebook. If it's for a cause, you definitely need to get the word out!

I wish I could donate...I know someone who died from Crohn's disease a few years back, and someone else who suffers with colitis....but this unemployment check is just pitiful!! So sorry!!

A Middle Aged Mom said...

I have to ask for donations all the time running a support group. Having links to donate on your blog and FB is a good move.

Las Vegas Weight Loss Challenge said...

How do you put links on your profile on facebook?