Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge Today, Weight In

Its 5:37p.m. PST and I am about to get ready for my Weight Loss Challenge. I am anxious to see what the scale tells me. Before I even get on the scale though, I know I haven't gotten as much running in as I am suppose to this week. I missed my Saturday morning run with Team Challenge to go to a herbalife training in St. George, UT. The training was awesome but I never replace the run, I planned on Sunday and things came up. I planned on Monday and I slept in and things came up. I planned on going to bed right away last night and running today, but I slept all day, I just couldn't fall alsleep after work at 5a.m.. I work 8p.m.-4a.m. most days.

Eating wise I have been descent. Been following my plan with herbalife pretty good. Two shakes a day, tablets three times a day. I am suppose to have one small meal and two protein snacks around 200 calories around that. I think I have been a little bit over that. I was doing very well with a food log but over the weekend stopped doing it.

Well lets see what the scale tells me? Will update later.


spunkysuzi said...

Sending good vibes your way :)

Lori said...

Good luck with weigh in!

Gina said...

I hope it showed you something great.

Nice job staying with the diet, and doing well. How's the almond butter?

Dieting*Dancer said...

good luck weighing in!! =)

cmoursler said...

good luck emmett.