Monday, November 23, 2009

Team Challenge

Has anyone else ever done a fundraising race? I misunderstood some things and found out that I was suppose to pay the difference in the fundraising today. I had no clue. We were told we had until the middle of January but I guess that was just for a reimbursement. Since I didn't have the money and I was using a debit card, I told the coach I would have it on Friday or Saturday when I get paid.

Any suggestions?

Any support would really help right now!


spunkysuzi said...

I cannot believe they expect you to make up the difference!! If i could help, i would.

A Middle Aged Mom said...

I've organized a few walks now and I'm not sure what you mean by paying the difference.

cmoursler said...

geez emmett...guess you are going to get that tithe in after all lol.
I got nothing bud, or I would help. Heck, we have a new water heater sitting in the middle of our garage cause the 280 dollars to put it in is just not there.
Hope things come through for ya.

AnthonyP said...

Yes, there are races out there that do this - allow "charity entries", with a condition of entry being the raising of a minimum amount. If they do expect that you are to make up any short-fall in individual fund raising, those terms should be made clear to you when you sign up through the charity.

I'm interested to see what the terms stated when you signed up (the lawyer in me)...perhaps you can post them ?

Running for A Cause said...

Hmm, I signed up late and haven't made every practice race. I am not upset I have to make up the difference, just that I thought I had until the middle of January. I will have to look.
I understand money is tight. Me too. I am going through a lot financially. I probably shouldn't have taken this on, but I like the cause and it gets me motivated to run and stay in shape.