Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'd love to give someone a chance to try some Free herbalife products!

The first five people that respond to this post, I will send you one of these two sample pacs, let me know what one you prefer, I will need a mailing address, email me at it will not be shared with anyone. It includes-
First Sample Pac-

Includes a delicious Vanilla Almond Protein Bar Deluxe (1); a healthy, low-calorie Herbal Concentrate tea (1 packet); Total Control® tablets (3 packettes of 3 tablets each) for metabolism ; and F1 Vanilla Shake packet for good health and weight management.*

Second Sample Pac-
Includes delicious Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar Deluxe (1) and healthy, low-calorie Herbal Concentrate tea (1 packet). Total Control® tablets (3 packettes of 3 tablets each) for metabolism and energy promote weight loss, while Liftoff® tablets (1 packette) help fight physical and mental fatigue.*


spunkysuzi said...

I would love to try those!! I'll e-mail you my address :)

Emily said...

I'd like to try!

cmoursler said...

Hey emmett,
I don't need the packets of food, just checking in to see your progress. It's nice that your sharing what works for you. Hope all goes well.

Emmett said...

Emily what is your address? Email me at

Krissy said...

I'd love to give it a try!

Emmett said...

Krissy, need your address, email me at

Gina said...

Am I the fifth person?! I'm glad you got the idea from me, and I REALLY hope you enjoy the Barney Butter! It should be there any day now!

I'd live to try these products!

antgirl said...

Glad to see you keeping at it, Emmett. Big cheers for you.