Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well, I screwed up again after work. Came home and eat lots of wheat thins with my favorite ranch and cheese dip. Woke up and since I was out of Wheat Thins had Corn Chips with Salsa Dip. I got me thinking about something. I have once heard "if you don't have strong enough why, it doesn't matter how easy the how to is, you won't do it." Robert Kiyosaki
I was looking at blogs and one I looked at spoke to me: its Ang,
On the left side is this quote:

Words of Wisdom and Inspiration!
"I will not confuse being successful with being perfect. The first one is completely possible, the second one will only set me up to feel like a failure, even if I am not. I can and will be a success.""And if you don't make the 5 pounds this month, but do lose weight and it's a permanent weight loss? Do you think that, in a year, it will matter?""How will you recognize the good times if you don't have the occasional less-than-motivated moments?"Laura R. SilvermanIf you dont' quit, you won't fail.Vennie

I'm thinking about my why's right now:
Here are a few:
Feel better, have more energy, compete in sports more effectively, run my first half marathon, look hot for the ladies, my ex girlfriend-who has lost a lot of weight, help my business with herbalife, feel more confident about myself, beat my brothers and family at the Boilermaker road race next year, help my dating life.

Those are just a few. What are yours whys?


Karen said...

I find that there are certain foods I just can't keep in the house or I will devour them in one chips.

It sounds like maybe wheat thins are this way for you. Is there a way you could buy 100 calorie packs of them or something and only eat one at a time?

I find for chips I can't even eat them in my house. When I want chips now I bring a 100 calorie pack of them to work and have them as a snack there. That way I can't go back for more!

TJ said...

Im with karen- I cant keep certain foods in the house. I think you need to toss the wheat thins out. lol

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

Here are my whys all 50 of

You have a lot of trigger foods in your house as do I. When I do buy chips I divide the bag into serving sizes or I will sit on the couch and eat out of the bag.

Laura said...

Hello! I'm "Laura Silverman," the Laura Silverman who you quoted from the left side of Angie's blog. She brought your caption to my attention and I am very flattered. I think she is too... she's quite an inspiration to all of us.

There are a lot of reasons why we eat what we eat, and for each of us, they're different. There are just as many reasons to want to change our lifestyles.

Rather than tell you why I wanted to lose weight during my journey (honestly, I didn't think it out that much), I'd rather direct you to and, specifically, click on the link at the top that says "How did my life change as I lost weight?" There you will find 155 things that changed for me as I approached normality in size.