Friday, July 3, 2009

Good story

My friend had these incredible results with herbalife. Just wanted to share the story.

Lonnie Hicks was overweight and suffered from a host of dis-eases when his wife, Yvonne, got him on Herbalife products. Right away he noticed a change in his overall well-being. Lonnie was taking 35 prescriptions for his health issues, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic pain, depression, acid reflux, sleep apnea, sinusitis and skin conditions due to being wheel-chair bound most of the time. Today, he is happier and healthier than ever thanks to Herbalife products - He's lost over 30# with 30 to go; he's off his heart medications; he's gone from over 100 units of 2 types of insulin per day to completely off all insuling after 11 years!! Off all depression medications - still working on his last 19 medications with his doctors' blessings. Lonnie's doctor said his joyous and optimistic outlook is his best medicine! Lonnie is thankful to Herbalife for feeding his body what it needed to fight off whatever it was fighting to put him on the path to his wellness. He threw his wheelchair away a few months ago and began walking with a walker. His goal is to throw the walker away and walk with a cane. Then, throw the cane away and walk unaided. And I'll bet he does, too!Congratulations Lonnie!

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Anonymous said...

Not to scare anyone from Herbalife but it isn't always the best thing for everyone. Nine years ago I tried it. I took many different pills with the hope of getting healthier. One pill in particular that I took was "mau hung"; a fat burner. This is actually Ephedrine. I ended up with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension because of this product. I just hope everyone looks into buying this product.

katiedotcom said...

Can I call your number and just breathe heavily into the phone?



Herbalife Las Vegas said...

We don't have that product anymore. "mau hung"
The products are all natural.

Anonymous said...

Good to know about the "mau hung" thank you for leaving a comment back :)

Daniel99 said...

Thank you for sharing the information.

Many people associate the designation "all-natural" with big green pills or funky flavors, but Herbalife weight loss products have worked hard to develop diet supplements that are not only good for you but good tasting too.Herbalife diet products are just one of many diet supplements that utilize active ingredients found in nature.