Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Post Race

Sorry guys I haven't been on your blogs lately and commenting. Been soo busy with the race and my new "girlfriend". Just a quick update.

I ran the race faster than expected, 13.1 miles in 1 hour and 39 minutes, it was an Awesome Race! It was soo much fun running with a group. The support before the race, during the race and after the race from Team Challenge was amazing. I met a girl at the 10 mile mark from Boston that was on the team and she helped push me the last few miles.

Weighed in at 164.6 yesterday, lowest weight I have been at since High School!


Dieting*Dancer said...

WOW Emmett!! Such awesome news!! So happy for you, good for you on all counts... the race.. the weight..and the girl! =)

Gina said...

Congrats Emmett!! That's so amazing, I'm super impressed. Look how far you've come! And, a new girl on the horizon?? Can't wait to hear more!

TJ said...

Great job on the race! :)

Lori said...

Congratulations Emmett! That is a fantastic time!

antgirl said...

Wow! This race did wonders for you - new gal, lowest weight, speedy and all. Fantastic! I love hearing good news from ya! :)

cmoursler said...

I am so impressed.
You have come so far in a few short months. YOu put yourself out there and it is paying off in spades. Fun run, new freinds, new 'girl friend'...
You look happy and focused in your picture.
I am so happy for you.

Emmett said...

Thank you for all of the support!

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skinnysweetpea said...

Congratulations! That's an awesome time and weigh-in!

Emmett said...

Ok how do I delete a comment?, I have never done it before but this comment about a business opportunity by Anonymous has nothing to do with this post.